I probably should have made this my first post, but better late than never! I am going to tell you a bit about me and what you can expect from this new blog.

About Me

I’m the founder and director of Glisten Training. I’m also a trainer, a coach, an enthusiastic volunteer at Nightline and Youth Engagement Solutions, trustee of The Escape Charity, a cat fan and fosterer, and now, a blogger. My entire adult life has been listening, learning, and teaching.

I studied psychology at Oxford and UCL, holding two graduate degrees (hence my tendency to cite papers in blog posts). While studying, I assistant taught a statistics class to psychology graduate students (the horror!) and did a bit of private tutoring on the side. I love to teach, especially when putting complex ideas in comprehensible terms. I’m still passionate about encouraging people to keep learning, which is why I work with Youth Engagement Solutions and The Escape Charity.

My expertise in active listening mostly comes from 10 years of volunteering for various helpline and support services. At Oxford and London Nightlines, I have trained and assessed hundreds of volunteers in active listening skills. Later on, I set up the framework for Nightline Danmark, with the aim of spreading active listening in my home country. I also learned some different perspectives on listening from Samaritans, 7 Cups, and Octavia Befriending volunteering. I still volunteer with the Nightline Association Policy Team, where I advise regional Nightlines on good practice and policy issues.


This Blog

I’m told that to be viewed as an expert on anything, you have to have a blog. So here it is.

In case you haven’t guessed, this is a blog about listening. While I won’t be giving away all my secrets to active listening mastery (see our courses for that), I will blog some tips for how you can be a better listener. For more tips, you might also want to follow us on Twitter.

I will also blog about cool research into listening and business psychology, about current events depicting non-listening disasters (certain interviews will give me plenty to write about), and about how some people or companies are maximising their potential with listening.

So watch this space. I hope you enjoy it!


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