Our Approach

20160924_130542We are founded on the principle that anyone works better if they truly know how to communicated and listen.

Communication is essential to management and customer service staff to work productively and build good relationships. So many of us know how to talk, but few people know how to really listen. Active listening skills are essential for customer service, management, and are applicable to almost any sector, including the service industry, sales, marketing, consultancy, management, legal, medical, charity, and much more.

Glisten Training teaches core communication skills, based on our 5 CLEAR keys to professional communication. These keys and our training materials were developed by Julia Florentine (BA oxon, MRes MPhil), from her experience at Nightline, Samaritans, and other listening services.

Julia leads all our training and coaching, having taught active listening to hundreds of people. Our group training aims to have at least one trainer per 4 people, so our larger groups will also have assistant trainers. All our trainers have years of helpline active listening and training experience.

We believe that you learn best with by doing, so expect to practice listening in the course and a very interactive style of teaching. Group training and tutorials involve a diagnostic exercise, demonstrations, and practise role-plays with personalised feedback.

We take a personalised approach to training. All our training starts with a brief explanation of why listening is so crucial in your specific line of work. Julia tailors role-play exercises to suit what you would practically encounter in your sector.

Contact Julia to discuss about your specific training needs, and we will do what we can to meet them for you.