Individual Executive Coaching

Our one-on-one listening skills coaching is perfect for executives, managers, or entrepreneurs looking to add active listening to their arsenal of professional skills, or to quickly brush up on previous listening training. All of our executive coaching is currently run by our Director, Julia Florentine.

You will receive the undivided attention of our Director, who will assess your listening style and offer you personalised feedback. We will discuss the value of listening, the 5 keys to professional listening, and how you can apply them at work or at home using practice role-plays. If desired, we can record practice role-plays so you can observe and critique your own listening performance with your coach. Watching yourself practice can help speed up the learning process.

If you wish to book multiple sessions, during subsequent sessions you can explore Professional Listening Skills Mastery with Julia, who will become familiar with your specific needs. You will learn about how to apply your listening skills in challenging professional situations, relevant to your sector. We can practice face-to-face listening skills, telephone listening skills, and effective email communication.

For beginners, we recommend booking at least a two-hour session; and for the chance to explore all our course content, we recommend at least 8 hours of coaching. Sessions can be arranged in one- or two-hour blocks. One of our trainers can come to you, or we can meet in central London. Discounts available for charities and multiple sessions.

Fill out our enquiry form to find out more about how to arrange individual coaching.